Featuring a selection of delicious recipes that please everyone from malt lovers to hop heads, Beer Werks offers five regular taps (Pale Ale, IPA, Robust Porter, Irish Red, and Golden Ale), plus seasonal brews, small batches, and guest taps. Recent crowd-pleasing small batches include a Vanilla Bean Porter, Blackened Heart Stout (cherry chocolate), Irvin Cobb’s Rooster Rye (golden rye), and Blueberry Ale. Guest taps rotate weekly, and offer a taste of other Kentucky breweries and some from new and established craft breweries from around the country. Sample sizes, pints, and flights are available to please each palate and pocket.

    • The Usual Suspects

      5 Flight: $9; Flight: $12

    • Pale Ale


      ABV – 4.6% IBU – 38
      Hoppy, Floral, Crisp Finish
      Award Winner – 2015 Bronze Great American Beer Festival

      A classic pale — with a light golden color plenty of citrus aroma and a smooth hop forward flavor. A solid beginning for aspiring hopheads.

    • IPA


      ABV—7.5% IBU - 71
      Piney, Citrusy, Strong Hop Finish 

      Deceptively drinkable, yet heavier hopped than the pale ale--with a piney, citrusy aroma, smooth middle and a bitter finish. Give it a try and discover the land of India Pale Ales.

    • Robust Porter


      ABV – 6.4% IBU - 47
      Rich, Smooth, Coffee Finish
      Award Winner – 2016 Bronze Dublin Cup

      A full-bodied brew — roasted, malty aroma with a velvety roast coffee/ dark chocolate flavor and slightly bitter finish. Taste this dark brown brew and see what's been missing in your regular porters.

    • Irish Red


      ABV – 5.2% IBU – 12
      Even, Malty, Slight Sweet Finish
      Award Winner – 2015 Silver Alltech Commonwealth Cup

      Made with toasted malts and minimal hops--with a smooth/ even flavor, no bitterness and a sweet finish. The award-winning flagship of Paducah Beer Werks, it's the go-to brew.

    • Golden Ale


      ABV – 4.8% IBU - 39
      Earthy, Dry Finish 

      Easy-drinking with a fuller body and slightly less hops than the pale ale--a malty brew with a smooth middle and crisp finish. Here's the jumping off point from big name commercial beers.

    • Seasonal Brews

    • Nitro Stout


      ABV – 4.9% IBU – 17
      Chocolate, Creamy Marshmallowy Head, Dry Finish 

      Classic oatmeal stout with a twist--served on a nitrogen push which gives it a creaminess to balance the dry finish. It's the perfect beer for a cold winter night... or breakfast.

    • Orange Blossom Special


      ABV – 5.8% IBU - 11
      Crisp Orange, Mild Finish 

      A mellow wheat with no bitter on the end--orange and honey notes fill out the body and lend to a mild, sweet finish, with or without the fruit garnish. When it comes to smooth, this is the standard.

    • End of Summer Wheat

      A lighter version of the Orange Blossom Special; cool, crisp, and refreshing--with a touch of orange and honey. This beer is just what the doctor ordered on a hot August day.